How Downton's least likely sister became a fashion favourite

Laaura Carmichael once said that playing the dowdy Lady Edith in Downton Abbey was something of a gift.

“I think it must be so hard to start your career with everyone going on about how gorgeous you are,” she said in an interview with Love magazine back in 2013. “I probably end up with more confidence than anyone because when people meet me they say, 'Oh, you’re nowhere near as dowdy as we thought you were.’”
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How Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Fuels the Lingerie Juggernaut's Growth Engine

The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is ready for broadcast on Tuesday, with the Angels set to give the mid-tier lingerie brand its biggest PR push of the year to a television audience of millions.
The event, which once broke the Internet after millions tried to watch the show online (for fashion tips, no doubt), will again feature the famous Angels strutting around in outrageous lingerie (diamond-encrusted brassieres, anyone?) to the music of the hottest pop stars of the day. (Everyone from Nicki Minaj to Taylor Swift to Maroon 5 have performed at the Fashion Show.)
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Beijingers Make Fashion Statements With Masks in the Smog

Episodes of nauseating smog lasting several days have become part of wintertime in the Chinese capital, and for many Beijing residents face masks have become a routine cold-weather accessory, along with hats and gloves.

Despite efforts to improve the air, levels of contamination a dozen times the World Health Organization safe level are not unusual, and the city issued a red alert for smog this week, keeping schools closed and half the vehicles off the streets.
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Recycling connects with fashion, quality and design

The concept of the brand came after the birth of my son, Alfredo (the company is named after him) when I was reflecting upon the world we would leave to the next generation, and my frustration with the excessive use of the World's natural resources.

ECOALF was born in 2009. My idea was to create a fashion brand that is truly sustainable.

All studies showed that we are presently using five times more natural resources than the planet is able to auto-generate. We cannot live in this world as if we have another one to go when this one is ruined.
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Flaster Promoted to Senior Vice President of Fashion at HL Group

Kimberly Flaster has been named senior vice president of fashion at HL Group, a new post. She is responsible for all fashion-related businesses with oversight for client services as well as strategic development of the firm’s fashion practice.

Flaster joined HL Group in 2011 as a managing director and was named a vice president the following year.
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